Drugs and Genetics

Drugs and Genetics: The Role Of Family History

Addiction and Genetics

Over the years, addiction to drugs and other substances like alcohol has been closely linked to genetics, specifically with family history. You must check out this fake urine review involving 653 fraternal and 861 identical twins showed that if one fraternal twin is addicted to a substance, it does not follow that the other twin is the same. On the contrary, if one identical twin is addicted to a substance, there is a high possibility of the other twin being addicted as well. Based on the results of this study, about 50 to 60% of addiction cases are due to genetics and the rest is attributed to the poor coping mechanisms of the person.

Another study involved 231 individuals who are already diagnosed with addiction, 61 individuals who do not have an addiction, and the participants’ first degree relatives. The findings showed that if a parent is diagnosed with addiction, the possibility of a child developing the same is 8 times higher.

Apparently, everyone is predisposed genetically to addiction. If a person takes something that he likes, he experiences increased fulfillment and pleasure. Because of this, the likelihood of looking again for the same thing that brought him pleasure is high. However, even though everyone has the possibility for addiction, some individuals have a higher chance than others. Additionally, if a person repeatedly takes in drugs or even alcohol, his brain might be rewired to think that the current level of intake is normal, thus increasing the tolerance level of the person. This occurrence usually leads to addiction.

Family History

One’s family history plays an important role in the diagnosis and treatment of addiction. Before, it is rare for family members to discuss a topic like this, which is considered to be a social taboo. However, backed with the findings of relevant studies about the linkage of addiction and genetics, you may certainly do something to save a loved one:

Practice Effective and Healthy Coping Skills.

Your genes will definitely be passed to your children. However, it is never too late to correct your mistakes and try again in life. Identify and develop coping mechanisms that will enable you to change your life for the better.

Form A Positive Image of Yourself.

Addiction is a condition in which the treatment is through a combination of medical interventions, therapy sessions, lifestyle modifications, and formations of self-control and self-worth. Medical interventions and therapy sessions will only be started if you acknowledge your addiction and accept the support of others. Lifestyle modification is not merely passing drug tests but a complete turnaround of all your previous habits, especially those that lead you to your addiction.


Genetics predisposes a person to many things, both good and bad ones. However, it does not necessarily mean that once you have a family history of addiction, you will become one too. Many individuals have overcome the condition and have turned their lives around with the help of their families. A healthy lifestyle, exercise, and a positive outlook in life can help combat addiction.

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