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Amanda L. Cowley

Jun 1858 Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, United States
3 May 1997 PROVO - Provo Utah
1924 , Brazoria, Texas, United States
Velasco Cemetery, Brazoria County, Texas, United States

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Amanda L. Cowley's Family Relations

Jerome Drue Cowley
29 Nov 1810 – 1860
Permilia Hosmer
1812 – 1860

George W. Cowley
1842 – Jul 1880
Andrew Jackson Cowley
17 May 1845 – 17 Dec 1930
Samuel Cowley
Jul 1847 – May 1910
Dorothy Cowley
28 Jan 1850 – 13 Sep 1906

Roger Thomas Maddox
Feb 1854 – 1924
December 22, 1875
, Jefferson, Alabama, United States

Rosa Lee Maddox
25 Sep 1877 – 2 Nov 1921
Jerome Cowley Maddox
10 Mar 1880 – 1915
Columbus A. Maddox
15 Apr 1884 – 1909
Mary Willie Maddox
Jan 1886 –
Julia Imogene Ema Maddox
4 Mar 1889 – 11 May 1984
Nannie Hulum Maddox
6 May 1891 –
Stephen Radford Maddox
28 Aug 1893 – 13 Jul 1940
Pollye Anna Maddox
28 Aug 1900 – 9 Jun 1983

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Tiger, Cowley County Community College, 1970 (Volume 1970) - Page 45


Agri-Business AGRI-BUSINESS FRESHMEN Glen Lambert--President Mike Vaughn--Vice President Janice Harris--Secretary Phil Marrs--Treasurer Members Robert Allen Dave Burden Ronald Cannon Dean Drouhard Jerrold Dark Keith Hostetter Wesley Ireton Stan Kiser Rod Marrs Terry Morton Donnie Pound Ralph Taton Bob White SEATED: Virgil Schultz, Robert McKenzie--treas. , Stephen Strobel, Terry McClure, Jerald Marshall--vice pres. STANDING: Dan Akin--pres. , Wayne Greenhagen, Bruce Smith--sec. , Larry Osborn, Conrad Jamison--adviser. Students of Agri-Business in CCCJC partici- pate in the promotion of Agri-Business Occu- pations and attend the State Leadership Con- ference each year. Members …

Tiger Daze, Cowley County Community College, 1983 (Volume 1983) - Page 92


time was eight o'clock on August 30. The place was Bob Brenneman's Introduction to Business class. As students entered the room to begin their fall semester classes they found the room filled with people. Those who arrived late were forced to stand because of the shortage of chairs. Counselors and administrators arrived to split the class to make room for the unex- pected overabundance of students. This scene was repeated many times as a look within Cowley's people reavealed a 25 percent jump in enrollment, the largest jump by any public institution in Kansas. Having more people on campus meant one had more faces to see, more names to learn, and above all else more friends to make. Whether it was studying in the library, cheering on the Tigers at Curry Field, standing outside in the cold Ark City night because someone trip- ped the dormitory fire alarm, celebrating Arkalalah, or just tipping a few brews at Bojangles, more people never made for a dull moment. More people enhanced life at Cowley because people, individuals, is what the Cowley Tiger is all about. 88/people division

Letters of Richard Meux Benson : Student of Christ Church Founder and First Superior of the Society of S. John the Evangelist, Cowley - Page 277


Letters of Father Benson 247 care, true prayer, unless He did inspire it. The sense of repose in making our own worship sub- sidiary in all respects to His inspirations will save us from much exhaustion, disquiet, distraction, despondency. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. May you experience His presence more and more. cxix. To a Friend. Not Many Wise are Calledr Cowley S. John, No^>. 5, 1877. Really God does not want such clever men to do His work. Alas ! that they do not want Him to do theirs. God will sooner work by a simple peasant who gives all the glory to Him, for he knows that it is His, than by one of these very clever men who think they are such, and a gain to any cause that they join. We must belong to the little despised companythe three hundred that lapped like a dogif we would share in the victory of the Lord, as in the day of Midian. I have putcc A distinguished Comlist into the intercessory paper, but for his sake, not for ours. Our faith must not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the wisdom of God. English society is getting to be very much like what Corinthian society was when S. Paul wrote of it, and …

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