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Scrabble-Styled Family Tree

How To Make a Scrabble-Styled Family Tree

A family tree is an important tool for establishing one’s family lineage or history. According to, It helps one know where they are originally from, how far wide their families have branched out, and discover distant relatives they didn’t even know existed.
Making a family tree can be a lot of work especially if there is some family history missing. However, it can also be a fun activity to do. This could either be for a school project or just a family activity. One creative way of doing this is using the layout for the classic word game Scrabble Go.
Here’s a list of a few things you may need for the project:
Printable scrabble tiles with a …

Family Trees and Selfies

The Search for Identity Through Family Trees and Selfies

Each person is unique in many ways same as custom paint by numbers canvas. One’s individuality mostly stems from where they come from. Additionally, several factors like daily interaction with people and the environment can determine one’s individuality. Having a sense of identity is particularly important in the society because it gives us a purpose to live and the drive to succeed in life.
Individuals have their distinctive means of searching for and realizing their uniqueness, such as going through reliable sources to find out more about their family’s roots. For some people, another way to discover their own …

Get to Know Your Lineage

Get to Know Your Lineage

Are you curious about your family history before you become an online tutor? Do you want to know where your ancestors came from? Do you finally want to answer questions asking you why your hair is so curly or so straight, or why you look the way you do?
Perhaps your parents have told you many stories about your great grandparents fighting the World War. Or perhaps, you want to know your ancestral medical legacy. Be it for the sake of knowing your medical legacy, curiosity about your history, or for academic reasons, knowing where you come from is integral in discovering your identity and being comfortable with yourself. Plus, it makes for a great conversation starter!…

Family Tree

Tips On How To Find Your Family Tree

You can get online tutoring that teaches you how to come up with a proper family tree, As recommended by experts, the journey will always have to start at home and this rarely changes. If you want to find out more about your elders and ancestors, where they came from, what happened to them and who they are, you’ll have to start by going through old documents in the attic/basement, talking to your older relatives, or rifling through online mining genealogy sites. That being said, there are a few tips you can follow to help make things easier.
Talk To The Elders
Think of your older relatives as living libraries. The family history they’ve got sitting in their minds …

Boy George investigates his Irish roots

The realization that he had scant knowledge about the Irish connection to his family inspired Boy George to further examine his family tree. He initially had heard interesting tales about how his grandmother was discovered loitering in the alleys of Dublin and how a distant relative was condemned to the gallows at a time that coincided with the execution of the famous Irish rebel, Kevin Barry. Motivated by curiosity, he first consulted his mother, who originates from Dublin, before travelling to what he terms as the old country.
After holding discourses with his kin, he was surprised to learn that his grandmother was actually abducted by overzealous NSPCC officers, before being sent to the spartan St Vincent Industrial School …

The importance of bmd records in the process of generating a family tree

To accomplish the task of effectively constructing a family tree, every historian requires available data about the individuals constituting the family in addition to seeking extra information. The relevant records from inside the home that can yield useful information include archived newspapers, military documents, business indexes, and prisoner lists. Although such documents can enable you to properly describe the way of life of an ancestor, BMDs offer a more accurate alternative in the identification of people who existed in the past.
Prior to seeking information, you have to first gather some guiding information from your parents. Next, you have to comprehensively review your data to confirm that the preliminary information …

Constructing the family tree of Tom Ellis

Tom Ellis plays Gary, the love interest of Miranda Hart in the TV show Miranda. Tom is a Welsh-born actor with appearances in TV shows such as Merlin, The Catherine Tate show, EastEnders, Midsomer Murders, and the Secret of Crickley Hall. He is currently the spouse of Tamzin Outhwaite, and their union has yielded two young daughters. Although we usually trace the ancestry of an individual by following a direct male line, in this case, we will use alternative means because the paternal grandfather of Tom was a result of a pre-marital affair. We will examine the family tree of Tom Ellis.

Useful resources that can describe your ancestors

For a family tree to be successfully built, census records, death, marriage and birth records are very important. However, such records do not do not give sufficient information about the nature of your ancestors. For additional knowledge, one needs historical sources that are laden with detailed information.
One such source is past newspapers which reported numerous past incidences and may have an article featuring your family member. Military records also bear data about physical qualities, close relatives, and birthplaces. Moreover, it is possible to confirm whether your ancestor showed impressive qualities or whether he was ill-disciplined.