Scrabble-Styled Family Tree

How To Make a Scrabble-Styled Family Tree

A family tree is an important tool for establishing one’s family lineage or history. According to, It helps one know where they are originally from, how far wide their families have branched out, and discover distant relatives they didn’t even know existed.

Making a family tree can be a lot of work especially if there is some family history missing. However, it can also be a fun activity to do. This could either be for a school project or just a family activity. One creative way of doing this is using the layout for the classic word game Scrabble Go.

Here’s a list of a few things you may need for the project:

Printable scrabble tiles with a wood background.

Scrapbook paper.

Glue to hold the tiles to the paper.

A picture frame.

With these and following the steps below, you are ready to embark on a fun journey.

  • Start by planning the layout

Look for a standard Scrabble Go board and find a picture frame that fits the board perfectly. Proceed to cut the scrapbook paper to the same dimensions as the board.

Measure the size (length and width) of the scrapbook paper and that of a standard scrabble tile to determine how many tiles can fit the paper horizontally and vertically.

  • Design your crossword

First, make a list of the names of all the family members that are to be included in the family tree. You certainly do not want to leave anyone out.

Find an online crossword generator and type all the names on your list into it. The generator lets you determine the layout of your crossword and its size. Try as many different patterns as you like until you get one that pleases you.

Print out the digital format and use it as a blueprint.

  • Set up your tiles

With the printout, you can now determine the number of each letter that you need. There are numerous websites where you can find free printable scrabble tiles complete with each letter’s value and wood background. Print as many as you need.

Arrange the tiles as provided in the print out on a flat surface to get a preview of what the final product may look like.

  • Glue the tiles onto the paper

Before gluing, you can sketch out in faint pencil sketches the layout of your crossword on your scrapbook paper. Use the Scrabble Go board to make out the sketch to ensure the tiles fit perfectly.

It is wise to use a stiffer paper underneath to avoid destroying the paper when gluing. Glue the tiles carefully onto the paper.

  • Frame it

Once you are done gluing, let it dry out for a few minutes then frame it.

The Scrabble-styled family tree is an easy and relatively inexpensive project to do. Even more pleasantly, it can be a perfect gift for your parents’ wedding anniversary, a grandparent’s birthday, or something for the living room house décor.

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