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Historical Facts That You Did Not Know About Your Clothes

The kind of clothes that we wear today is completely different from what people wear centuries ago. But one thing is for sure, all the clothing style like custom t shirts, office uniforms, and other types are completely related to each other regardless of time and era. For one, the kind of clothes that a person wears gave clues or hints to his identity in society. Whether it’s his occupation, social status, uniforms, and other labels, different style of clothing defines a person’s social position.

While genetics and family records can give information and clues to our ancestors, it can be the same as the clothes we wear. In fact, there are several historical facts about clothes that probably many people don’t know. Please read below to find out more.

Men used to wear high heels.

Many people probably do not know these but aristocratic men from Europe used to wear high heels as a normal style of footwear. It was in the 16th century where rich and wealthy men set the trend of wearing 5-inch stilettos as a normal part of their wardrobe. However, the trend stops during the 18th century as high heels were started to become more associated with women.

The wallets of today were always used to carry money even before.

The word wallet has been existent since the 14th century, and it was a knapsack used to carry paper money, the same used as the modern wallet that we have known today. The flat-case and small wallet became more popular with the American way of living when paper money was introduced in the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1960.

Neckties started during King Louis reign.

The use of neckties can be traced to our ancestors during the time of King Louis XIV in the 17th century. It was considered an early version of the tie fashion which was inspired by the king’s observation of the visiting Croatian soldiers and the way they decorated their uniforms. After some time, the French troops officially wore them as an emblem. The style started the trend of using neckties from wealthy French people and soon spread throughout Europe.

The wedding dress was not always color white.

Wearing a wedding dress that is of white color was only for royalty before 1840. Queen Victoria who wore a white gown during her wedding ceremony with Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg made the trend popular to normal people. But before it happened, wedding dresses used by the masses were of any color before the queen wore the white gown to represent the purity of the bride.

Buttons were used to be considered jewelry.

Before the 11th century, buttons were used as a decoration that makes an added style and elegance to a person’s outfit. In fact, the oldest button is about 5000 years old and was found in Pakistan. It was in the middle of the 11th century where the button was starting to be used as a functional part of clothing.


The history of our clothing can also help in tracing the connection between our roots and ancestors. There are many historical facts about clothing that we do not know but has affected us in many ways as a member of society today.

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