Irish and British newspapers are an effective resource that will enable a genealogist to uncover fascinating details concerning the environment in which past relatives lived. We provide an enormous number of articles that are gleaned over seven hundred and fifty publications that allow you to search for your progenitors and see how famous historical occurrences were reported. We recently held a webinar where we invited inquiries about our newspaper databases and were able to highlight the common questions most people have. Consequently, we have listed useful responses to various typical questions.

Unfortunately, some journalists have a habit of occasionally making such errors. However, our wildcard feature will help navigate around such issues.

Yes, for instance, if you are investigating a case of suicide, it will be helpful to consider popular euphemisms of the past including “did away with herself”. Although newspapers employ language that is strictly formal, some common phrases will increase the probability of obtaining perfect results.

It would be more convenient to visit Mocavo to get baptism or birth records of the child, which will reveal the identities of their parents before consulting the newspapers.

A better alternative would be to filter by the form of an article to find a birth notice containing the full names of the parents.

Yes, you should begin with general search terms before narrowing down to refine your results.

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