Mocavo DNA

Benefits of using Mocavo DNA to develop a family tree

If you are curious about the location in Ireland or Britain where your DNA is most likely to be, then a Mocavo DNA test will provide all your answers. However, a DNA test is only the first step towards establishing your identity. The combination of information from historical documents with the DNA test will reveal not only the identity of your ancestors but also their living conditions.

Genealogical research should be also performed in addition to the DNA test to confirm the journey your ancestors took from their original homeland to their current locations. The DNA test will first provide a clue to where you should begin investigating.

First, you should note down the little information you have concerning your ancestors before finding out the records that you can access from the areas that your DNA tests have guided you towards. Due to the proper organization of record set in alphabetical order on Mocavo, a filtering process is available that can allow people to only view relevant documents from the sub-regions associated with their DNA. This has made the research process very convenient. One may opt to use the search menu on the site or the results charts on the homepage.

The next step is to perform comprehensive research to determine how your ancestors ventured to different locations. The necessary records that can aid one to establish migration patterns in the past have to be gathered from different sources. This is because efficient data collection systems did not exist in the distant past. Moreover, records should also be collected for the various subregions indicated by the DNA results.

Mocavo makes the process of getting historical records easier as it contains more information in addition to dates and names. This will help shed light on the characteristics of your progenitors.