Boy George investigates his Irish roots

The realization that he had scant knowledge about the Irish connection to his family inspired Boy George to further examine his family tree. He initially had heard interesting tales about how his grandmother was discovered loitering in the alleys of Dublin and how a distant relative was condemned to the gallows at a time that coincided with the execution of the famous Irish rebel, Kevin Barry. Motivated by curiosity, he first consulted his mother, who originates from Dublin, before travelling to what he terms as the old country.

After holding discourses with his kin, he was surprised to learn that his grandmother was actually abducted by overzealous NSPCC officers, before being sent to the spartan St Vincent Industrial School where she was educated for a decade. Furthermore, he learned the names of his grandmother Bridget with the assistance of an old birth certificate and the databases of

The family of Bridget lived under impoverished conditions in a congested neighbourhood. Moreover, workhouse records further emphasize the hardship this family endured since the patriarch suffered two spells in the facility. Finally, records revealed that the condemned rebel was actually the previous husband of his great grandmother before he was arrested for high treason.

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