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UK’s Most Popular Dating Sites: Their Costs and Their Claims

Today, several people are signing up to an array of dating sites hoping to find their perfect match. Below is a list of some of the dating sites pushed on spicedupaffairs.com that have actually proven to be successful in helping people find love.


This site has three million users. It tries to limit the science algorithms and formulas. Users key in their age, gender, and preferences. The site proactively searches for a like-minded individual. The best part about this site is that your online behavior is taken into account. When you log in, for example, it will recommend people who are also online at the same time as you to make communication easier. It costs £29.99 a month, and the price decreases with a longer subscription.


This site asks its users to fill in a lengthy questionnaire. This will help them find out what they are looking for. The information is run through a system that follows a lot of scientific principles. This site believes that through science, you can be able to find the person you are most compatible with. It costs £39.95 a month, and just like in Match.com, the price decreases with a longer subscription.

My Single Friend

Sarah Benney, TV presenter back in 2004, founded this site. It follows a no-nonsense approach to dating. This site has a search function. You can narrow down to what you are looking for in terms of age, location or preferences. With the advanced search, you can find people who are currently online. It can even single out your search to users who have added a photo recently. Subscription costs £28 a month.


This dating app is based on users who you pass on the street. It sees your location to find people who have also been in that area and at what time of the day your paths crossed. With £19.99 a month, you can send a like to the person and if they like you back, you have a match. The app swears that it does not reveal your location to the other person to ensure your safety.

Ok Cupid

This website uses a lot of math to find two people who share the magic. There is a lot that goes in to help singletons find the one they can settle with and start a family. It uses formula, algorithms, and so much more. Nobody hardly understands how the math works on this site, but it brought good results. It is free.

Soul Mates

This is one of the oldest sites, so many people who are happily married today have been brought together by this website. The website connects people from all backgrounds and sexual orientation. Signing up is free and browsing through the potential matches is also free. However, if you see someone you like, you have to pay £32 in order to reach out to him or her.

Finding love online with the use of dating sites have resulted in people creating families in the UK. Through the site, they are able to meet, date and eventually decide to settle down and start a family.

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