Drug Use in the United Kingdom

The History of Drug Use in the United Kingdom

How come the United Kingdom became a great gateway for drugs and drug traffickers? In this article, you will read how did Mexico turn from being an importer to one of the biggest suppliers of drugs throughout the world? What is the effect of the invention of modern gadgets in the distribution of drugs? Demand levels of drugs are rapidly increasing in the UK, so it is obvious that the supply will compensate with the high demands of the people.

The United Kingdom has the highest rating of online drug dealers compared to all other countries in Europe with annual sales of approximately £ 7 billion.

There was an increased use of marijuana, cocaine, and heroin during the 1960s. The policy-makers retaliated by passing “The Misuse of Drug Act” that states the division of drugs to 3 categories from A-C-A as the most dangerous.

During the 1980s the black people were targeted by the police for being responsible for the distribution of drugs. Frank Critchlow and the “Mangrove Nine” led to the first judicial recognition of “racial hatred”.

It was also during this time when the so-called “police gardeners” came to rise. These police officers plant evidence to their target individuals, thus resulting in the conviction of many innocent people.

A new and stronger version of cocaine called crack was introduced in the late 1980s. With the popularization of music and dancing, this drug also became famous since crack induces you to dance and party wildly.

In 1991, the Soviet Union broke up, hence urging the Turkish and Russian drug dealers to bring heroin to London. And, during the 1990s, the United Kingdom was already a refuge for drug cartels and drug users. Profits that involve the selling of drugs continued to progress even further.

Pablo Escobar’s power diminished in Columbia so as the supply of cocaine. This brought a new character in the drug industry named El Padrino. El Padrino became the most popular drug lord throughout Mexico which expanded his reach even to Europe especially The United Kingdom.

Mexico is now the major contributor of drug supply as of today next is Columbia who makes $64 billion of profits every year. Peru was overtaken by Columbia in 2015 as the world’s biggest supplier of cocaine.

As technology progressed so as the distribution of drugs. With the invention of the internet and online selling, drug dealers can now sell their contraband online behind the eyes and ears of law enforcing authorities.

The growth of online-based drug transactions paved the way through websites such as Silk Road and the like. This made arrests and raids extremely difficult for the police since individuals involved with these transactions can order and sell their products anonymously online.

Government authorities had reduced the police officers who used to combat drug-related crimes since 2010, about 15,000 diminutions of police will be used to compensate for the rising drug-related crimes. It will continue to increase to 100,000 in 2020.

The history and use of drugs in the United Kingdom won’t rise if only there were also no increase in demands. Countries such as Mexico and Columbia target the UK because of the huge number of people who use illegal drugs.

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