Jobs Associated With A Genetics Degree

Jobs Associated With A Genetics Degree

Finding and applying to work at Walmart with a criminal record upon achieving a degree in genetics may be tricky. Some graduates opt to further their degrees to masters and doctoral before they actually start working. If you’re wondering what types of job you can get with a genetics degree, read on and find out.

Directly-linked jobs

The following are the list of jobs you may have upon having a genetics degree.

Genetics analyst

Genomic adviser

College professor

Academia contributor


Clinic assistant

Medical researcher


Genomic scientist

Immunology scientist

Physician assistant

Genetics counselor

Other degree-related jobs

The following are the jobs that can serve as an alternative if you’re having a hard time entering the genetics field. These alternative jobs are not actually that bad and it may serve as your stepping stone as well.

Scientific research writer – this job may help you build up your own name in the genetics industry. Contributing to the genetics academia will help you be recognized not only by students but also by different employers.

Clinical associate – since you’ve graduated with a genetics degree, it will be easy for you to familiarize the different equipment, tools, and job to be done in the clinical industry. you’ll deal with a lot of people including those that are also in the clinical field.

Medical sales representative – the average salary of a medical sales representative is ranging from $1,000-$3,000 depending on the sales and deals being sealed. As a medical representative, you will be dealing with and negotiating with clinics, hospitals, and doctors. You will be required to have good communication and interpersonal skills for this job.

Epidemiologist – genetics is closely related to epidemiology. A genetics degree may earn you instant access on the field depending on your skill and competence.

Physiological associate – For this job, you will be assisting a physician in his sessions and consultations.

Skills you’ll need

Including your internship experience to your curriculum vitae may help you look more credible and skillful. Also, while being on an interview, find ways on how you can divert the conversation to your practical and other work-related experiences. You may also briefly tell your interviewer about your achievements and contributions to academics. If you’re thinking that your CV may look a little bland, you can undergo an internship locally or abroad and you may also attend seminars and workshops directly related to your degree.

Having a genetics degree will give you an instant ticket to the scientific and medical field. It is also directly associated with over 30 jobs in the industrial, forensic, and commercial fields. It may be satisfying to have a job where you can say that your degree really paid off but remember that there are a lot of employers that accept applicants without recognizing the degree and skills they earned.

For extra credibility and guaranteed employment, you may opt to take and pass licensure exams in the medical field. This will help you be recognized easily and win a job vacancy.

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