Family Trees and Selfies

The Search for Identity Through Family Trees and Selfies

Each person is unique in many ways same as custom paint by numbers canvas. One’s individuality mostly stems from where they come from. Additionally, several factors like daily interaction with people and the environment can determine one’s individuality. Having a sense of identity is particularly important in the society because it gives us a purpose to live and the drive to succeed in life.

Individuals have their distinctive means of searching for and realizing their uniqueness, such as going through reliable sources to find out more about their family’s roots. For some people, another way to discover their own identity from a contemporary standpoint, is to take a selfie and upload it to their respective social media accounts. They then observe how their inner circle of friends reacts to their most recent photo.

Importance of Family Trees

The discovery of one’s family tree, or genealogy, has become prevalent thanks to the progressive innovation of archives and the Internet. Using this form of study to dive deeper into your family history lets you know more about their past lifestyle and tradition. These are among the few elements that possibly molded you into the person you are today.

However, genealogy can also be a double-edged sword, depending on your reaction to an outcome of a particular discovery. Some people are relieved to learn about their prosperous heritage. On the other hand, others have become upset after they debunked a lot of unsettling things regarding the unfortunate events that transpired on their ancestors’ timeline.

Nevertheless, the merits of knowing your family history still outweigh the downsides. Once you discern your bloodline, you will achieve a universal core identity that evolved from various cultures.

You will also have strengthened faith in oneself through success stories of predecessors overcoming challenges. If you have children, talk to them about the practices and hardships that your forebears went through so that you can at least guide them to discover their self-identity.

Rise of the Selfie

Uploading a selfie on a social media account and sharing it with the public is a convenient and quick way to gain approval from your contacts and peers. Such a pastime is how modern people look for an identity that they can soon call their own.

The selfie has gained popularity since the early years of social media. However, its origin dates to about five centuries ago, when progenitors mostly commissioned an artist who specializes in painting self portraits for private or public display.

Just because selfies predominantly create an identity based on validation from friends does not mean that you are limited to that aspect. Posting meaningful selfies with captions and background elements such as your surroundings is one way to build your visual biographical narratives. This way, you are also sharing your legacy with your future children and generations.


Whenever you come across a turning point in your life, it is a perfect time to seek your identity. The most important thing to keep in mind is that your family history and collection of selfies with embedded stories are your best friends when embarking on a journey to self-discovery.

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